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Cobra 120 mg Sildenafil Tablet


Cobra 120 mg Sildenafil Tablet

What is Cobra 120 mg Tablet?

Cobra is a generic Viagra product containing 120 mg Sildenafil. Cobra is much more stronger and cheaper than brand Viagra. Cobra which contains 120mg active angredient, will give you a guaranteed hard erection. For prolonged action and long hard erection, Cobra is unbeatable erection tablet among Sildenafil products.
Cobra is manufactured by Vega Pharma, India. Even though the product is not manufactured by any well expenssive laboratory, it is very safe and as functional as expenssive brand product like Viagra.

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What should be daily dosage of Cobta 120mg?

Like any other medication for treatment of erectile dysfunction, you should have a complete health check and consult with your doctor regarding use of erection medication, before starting use of Cobra 120mg tablet.
Take Cobra 120mg once a day only when you are planning to have sexual intercourse. There is no regilar dose of Cobra. Take Cobra with a glass full of water at least 20 minutes before planned sexual activities.

Contradictions of Cobra 120mg

Do not take more than 120mg Cobra at a time/day and do not use any other ED medicine together with Cobra. Never take Cobra if you use any medication which contains Nitrate.

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