Two forms of erectile dysfunction

Two forms of erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction can be divided into two forms:

The Impotence  describes the inability to procreate due to sterility. The affected person is however perfectly able to get an erection and also an ejaculation. The Impotentia coeundi shows itself in an inability of the man to perform the Beischlaf or to get an ejaculation. A combination of both forms is possible.

Man’s impotence  can be present on the one hand through an operative intervention (ie, wanted). On the other hand, different factors such as poisoning, nicotine, alcohol abuse (excessive consumption) and prostate disorders can adversely affect the quality and production of the sperm and thus lead to an infertility. Infectious diseases in the childhood age, for example due to mumps, can also lead to infertility. Impotence does not perceive any physical symptoms. Sterility is usually determined only by unfulfilled wishes of the child.

Erectile dysfunction (impotence) is manifested with age-dependent increases in men after age 45. This is a potency disturbance which can be present primarily (from birth) or secondary (acquired and only present under certain circumstances).

The disturbance manifests itself by a deficient to missing stiffening of the male limb, partly also with premature relaxation, so that no sexual intercourse can be accomplished. Orgasm and effusion run apart from each other or do not show up at all. The fact that such problems occasionally occur is not yet a sign of impotence. Erectile problems are only mentioned when the difficulties occur in more than 70% of the cases over six months.

In younger men (up to 45 years of age), erectile dysfunction is often associated with mental problems. Stress, anxiety, depression, problems in the relationship or performance pressure can trigger the impotence. The problem: The potency problems can in turn lead to depressive moods, increased performance pressure or lack of self-confidence, which further fosters the impotence.

Elderly men are more likely to experience physical problems. Triggers for impotence can be:

    Circulation problems
    Metabolic problems (mainly diabetes)
    Inflammation of the male genitalia
    multiple sclerosis
    Paralysis (for example, tetraplegia),
    kidney problems
    Hepatic infections
    Arteriosclerosis (see below)
    Injuries or nervous disorders in the genital area
    Operations in the pelvis
    hormonal disorders
    Nicotine or alcohol abuse (see below)
    Side effects of certain medications (see below)

Risk factors are hypertension, overweight, lack of exercise, unhealthy diet and smoking, the same behaviors and problems, which can also lead to heart attacks or strokes (and many other diseases).

Impotence as an early warning sign for heart attack or stroke?

A common cause of erection problems is arteriosclerosis, that is, calcification of the veins. Arteriosclerosis often leads to myocardial infarction or stroke. If they are fixed at an early stage, they can be treated quite well, for example by a change in the way of life. Impotence is often the first indication of atherosclerosis. This is one of the reasons why it is important to have potential problems diagnosed by a doctor.

Impotence through blood pressure and other drugs

In the context of potency problems is always to think of drugs, namely, the blood pressure penis -all ahead the betablocker. When patients report this, many doctors deny a connection. But without going into detail now: A certain blood pressure is necessary to “inflate” something. If the pressure is throttled, however, one must not be surprised that “he” does not stand as it is desired. I therefore advise to avoid other drugs and work with a healthier lifestyle to reduce blood pressure.

The diuretics of the thiazides are also suspected of causing potency disturbances. If you are taking these medications, talk to your doctor about whether it is possible to avoid other drug groups. Very good information about hypertension and impotence can be found on the page of Dr. Schnitzer “impotence by blood pressure pills”.

Other drugs that can lead to impotence are certain cytostasia (from the field of chemotherapy) and also irradiations in the area of ??the genital region.

Also not unusual: erectile dysfunction by 5-alpha-reductase inhibitors such as finasteride, a remedy for hair loss.

And many people do not know that men who take NSAIDs three times a day for more than three months have a 2.4-fold increased risk of erectile dysfunction (aspirin, diclofenac, ibuprofen, naproxen, cox2 inhibitors) Dysfunction.

Impotence through prostate surgery?

Another cause can be surgery on the prostate. I am always amazed that there are men who have been involved in a prostate cancer and are wondering afterwards that they are impotent. Apparently, this “side-effect” is still largely concealed by doctors. It is different why, how and what exactly can be operated in the area of ??the prostate. I do not want to go into everything. In the case of prostate removal, however, the impotence rate is significantly above 50%. Note: If you have had such an operation, it makes a kind of “sexual rehabilitation” through purpose, in order to prevent, for example, a degeneration of the corpus cavernosum. A very good elaboration on this topic can be found in this presentation on the website of an Austrian self-help group: Sexuality after radical prostatectomy (pdf file). The comments on sexual rehabilitation can be found at the end of the presentation.

Impotence through cycling?

To a “cause” I must briefly go, which is actually no cause at all: namely cycling. Due to the relatively high pressure (especially by racing saddles) a relatively large amount of weight is placed on a small surface. This causes irritation in the genital region, which every cyclist knows, but these do not lead to impotence. The sensory disturbances in the affected area develop relatively quickly after cycling again.

Impotence caused by alcohol

Alcohol can promote the erection at short notice. Chronic alcoholics can, however, get problems in the long term because the “hormone axis” can be shifted by the alcohol abuse, especially if liver problems have occurred. In such a case, for example, the estrogen can not be fully decomposed and a less favorable testosterone occurs Estrogen ratio.
Impotence as an aging phenomenon

What many do not know: Not only do women enter the “menopause”, but also men. The “climacterium virile” does not appear so suddenly, but more gradually than in women. Therefore it is often not directly noticed. In the virile climacterium, the hormone level changes: testosterone decreases significantly, and thus also the physical and sexual performance. Also, hot flashes, weight gain, skin dryness, hair loss, impaired drive, irritability, depressive moods and other symptoms can be attributed to the climacteric virile. The testosterone deficiency is further exacerbated by smoking, alcohol, drugs or overweight (especially belly fat is dangerous in this respect).

To reduce the effects of menopause virile, a healthy lifestyle and the reduction of overweight is of great importance.

A few words about Viagra, Kamagra  and Kamagra Oral Jelly

When a few years ago Sildenafin was recognized as a remedy for erectile dysfunction and first appeared as Viagra (now also under other names like Kamagra, Kamagra Oral Jelly), this was a small sensation. Countless men with impotence saw their problems suddenly solved: Just swallow a pill and nothing stands in the way of the extravagant sexual life.

Quite simply, it is not so easy. Although Sildenafin has a good effect in potency problems and is helpful for many men, it also has a number of serious side effects: heart disease, nausea, stomach discomfort, and hearing or hearing problems are just some of them. Even deaths have occurred in connection with Viagra over and over again. Therefore, the medication may only be prescribed after careful medical examination. If heart or liver failure, angina pectoris, a previous myocardial infarction and other diseases, do not take Sildenafin. So there are good reasons that Viagra and Co. may be given only after medical prescription.

However, because the issue of impotence is still such a taboo, many men are looking for a simpler way to order the potency drugs, for example, over the Internet. My urgent advice: Make sure you keep your fingers! Apart from the fact that the side effects of Sildenafin can be dangerous for you, it is not at all understandable what is actually contained in the drugs (almost always fake). In the best case, you spent your money on completely ineffective substances, in the worst case swallow an unmanageable gift cocktail.
Language of Symptoms

Diseases of the sexual organs, including impotence, always indicate very profound problems with sexuality or with the other sex, as a rule by some deception. Disappointments arise, however, only through false or exaggerated expectations. It may be worthwhile investigating more closely what disappointments have occurred in the past and what expectations were based on them. If such topics are worked up, the illness can also improve or even disappear completely.