How to pay for Kamagra with Bitcoin

How to pay for Kamagra with Bitcoin?

There are many bitcoin service provider all over internet. If you do not have an account, open an account with

You can pay on Wallet address or you can by reading QR code using your mobile device. Bitcoin payment by reading QR code should be the easiest way.

1. Install Coinbase App on your mobile device and login.

2.  In your order confirmation email, click/open the link Pay using bitcoin

3. Once you open the bitcoin payment link in your internet browser, you will see amount you are paying and a Bitcoin button

Click the bitcoin button

4. Now open Coinbase App in your mobile device and read the QR code

At this stage just follow the instructions on screens.

Coinbase is one of the popular Bitcoin Service provider. You can use any other provider who provides with mobile App and the mobile App allowes Bitcoin payment by reading QR code

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