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Acupuncture successful with mental-induced erectile dysfunction

Men who suffer from a mental disorder of erectile dysfunction can benefit from acupuncture. A pilot study showed that two out of three men could be as they wanted.

Ear acupuncture treats internal organs. Psycological causes of a potency disorder can be treated by means of acupuncture. The stitch in the upper skin layer is usually not noticeable, but the effect very much.

The results of the pilot study are promising: most men with a mental disorder of erectile dysfunction (also called psychogenic erectile dysfunction (PED)) could be helped by acupuncture. Scientists have investigated the benefits of acupuncture for these patients.

Overall, 21 men with psychogenic erectile dysfunction participated in the study. In one half, ED-specific acupuncture points were needled. The remaining participants served as a control: Migraine-specific acupuncture points were needled. The results were convincing: in 68.4% of all men, a satisfactory effect was achieved and in a further 21% in combination with a medicinal treatment of the ED an increased erection ability could be achieved.

As a cause for the psychogenic erectile dysfunction, there are different reasons: mental illnesses such as depression but also partnership problems can lead to problems in the sexual intercourse. The pED is often found as a partial symptom in burn-out syndrome. Acupuncture is also a suitable therapeutic method in these cases. "Not only does the ED improve but also the other symptoms of burn-out syndrome, such as adynamia, back pain, insomnia, anxiety, Irritability.

Whatever the treatment is, it is always advised that in all cases, to avoide erectile dysfunction do not smoke, do not over drink, take care of physical and mental excercise, eat healthy food in a regular basis.