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Does acupuncture help with erectile dysfunction?

Does acupuncture really help in Erectile Dysfunction? Currently, oral potency agents like Kamagra, Viagra, Cialis, Kamagra Oral Jelly are the most effective treatment option in most forms of erectile dysfunction. It does not matter whether the erectile dysfunctions are physical or psychological. PDE-5 inhibitors work simply in most cases.

You should also be able to illuminate the possible alternatives. We therefore want to check today whether acupuncture is a suitable remedy for erectile dysfunction.

Help needles to make the best piece of the man stand firm again? If yes: Does acupuncture only provide for mental or physical erectile dysfunction? We have researched for you and answered the question for you. The results can be found in the following article.

Acupuncture for psychologically induced erectile dysfunction

Acupuncture actually helps with mental-induced erectile dysfunction. In this article, a study is presented that deals with the topic of acupuncture and erectile dysfunction. In the presented study, the test persons consisted of 21 men, all of whom suffered from mental-induced erectile dysfunction. These 21 males were divided into two groups: the test group and the control group.

In the test group, especially those body sites were acupunctured which are associated with erectile dysfunction. In the control group, acupuncture was also performed, but in places where migraine is usually treated. The result: 68.4% of all men have experienced an improvement in their situation. In another 20%, however, oral potency agents were still necessary to achieve normal erectile function.

Mentally induced erectile dysfunction can have many causes: depression, burn-out and problems in the relationship are just three examples. Acupuncture is relaxing and helps relieve stress.

It is therefore not surprising, that it does not seem to matter which parts of the body are acupunctured. The stress-reducing effect is always present. There are probably no special points when you want to get rid of erectile dysfunction.

Does acupuncture also help with physical erectile dysfunction?

In the case of physically induced erectile dysfunctions, the situation looks somewhat different: here, in most cases, circulatory disorders are responsible for the lack of erectile dysfunction. Other causes are destroyed nerve tracts, failed operations and destroyed corpus cavernosum.

It is therefore not surprising, that acupuncture does not help in these cases. In the head, acupuncture can bring some stones into motion, but if the physical conditions are not met, this treatment option does not help.

In case of doubt, use oral potency


It is true that if you suffer from erectile dysfunction, you can try out acupuncture once, but in most cases it will not have a positive effect. In case of doubt, we recommend always oral potency. If not just severe nerve damage is due to erectile dysfunction, Viagra, Cialis and Kamagra usually help.

PDE-5 inhibitors ensure that more blood can flow into the penis, linger there longer and does not flow directly out again. This way, erection is faster. It can also be kept much longer.