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Kamagra UK KamagraDeal is the most reliable supplier in the UK. We provide with regular parcel delivery (Mon-Fri) from London. Royal Mail is our delivery partner. UK Parcels are delivered using 1st Class signed for and Special Next Day Delivery. International parcels are shipped using International tracked parcel services.

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If you are ordering for a next day delivery, please make sure to order and process your payment before cut off time (Mon-Fri).


Kamagra UK Products


  • Kamagra UK All Products

    Kamagra UK All Products (49)

    Kamagra UK is a genuine UK based direct Kamagra supplier. We provide with regular cut off time based guaranteed next day delivery in the UK. All Kamagra parcels are packed professinally in buble wrapped envelopes discreetly. For top quality services and Kamagra products, you should simply do business only with us. We can guarantee you the cheapest price with quality products.…
  • Oral Jelly Products

    Oral Jelly Products (7)

    Oral Jelly Products Our Jelly ED products are Sildenafil, Tadalafil, Sildenafil + Dapoxetine or Tadalafil + Dapoxetine based products. Kamagra Oral Jelly is the most popular among all Jelly products. You should always store any open jelly bag in the refrigerator. Do not use any open bag that has been stored open more than 5 days. Keep all ED products…
  • Premature Ejaculation products - Dapoxetine

    Premature Ejaculation products - Dapoxetine (8)

    Premature Ejaculation products - Dapoxetine
  • Sildenafil Products

    Sildenafil Products (21)

    If you want guaranteed fast Next Day delivery in the UK, you should definitely do business with us and order Kamagra now! We cannot provide with next day delivery meant for UK in EU countries. For those of you ordering from EU, parcels usually find at their destination usually in a week+ time. Sildenafil is the main active ingredient of…
  • Tadalafil Tablets

    Tadalafil Tablets (18)

    Tadalafil Tablets also called the weekender are Generic Cialis (Tadalis SX, Tadagra etc) Our Tadalafil active ingredient based generic Cialis products are Tadalis SX, Vidalista, Tadalip, Tadacip and more. You can buy generic Cialis online without prescription. Generic Cialis is a more preferable alternative to many men, as this is so called WEEKENDER or weekend pill. The effect of Tadalafil…
  • Vardenafil Products

    Vardenafil Products (6)

    Vardenafil products are great alternatives to Tadalafil based erectile dysfunction treatment products. Levitra, Vilitra, Vitara, Snovitra and Victor Jelly are the members of our Vardenafil products family. Levitra is a widely used Vardenafil item sold in the UK. Levitra is the most popular among all other Vardenafil group items. It is available as 5, 10, 20 mg film-coated tablets. Levitra…

As payment method we accept:

  • UK Backs
  • Card payment and PayPal Payment (UK only)
  • EURO SEPA Bank transfer
  • Bitcoin

Kamagra UK provides with a large variety of generic ED products. In our website you will find approximately 50 different products for treatment of erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. KamagraDeal will provide you with best quality products but our prices are very competitive. To get the top class genuine products and unbeatable service, you should simply stop searching for other merchat and place order with us now.

Quantity based Discount Kamagra and other product prices are visible in specific product page. Kamagra tablet and Kamagra Oral jelly are naturally the top sell products; however, we provide with alternative products with much cheaper prices. Most popular alternative products are Sildamax tablet, Cenforce Sildenafil 100mg, 150mg and 200mg, Eriacta.

All products can be ordered without any prescription, however please always be advised to consult your physician before using any product.

Kamagra UK KamagraDeal services

We are a genuine UK based direct Kamagra supplier. We provide with regular cut off time based guaranteed next day delivery in the UK. All Kamagra parcels are packed professinally in buble wrapped envelopes discreetly. We can guarantee you the cheapest price with quality products. Even though one over 18 years of age can purchase Kamagra, Kamagra Oral Jelly, Vidalista, Sildamax and all other products available without a prescription, we strongly suggest you to arrange a complete health checkup and medical advises from your doctor before starting use of Kamagra or any other medication of erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation.

How to order guaranteed next day delivery in UK?

(FAQ 1)
Ordering for next day delivery parcel in the UK is simple. Cut off and despatch time are visible on top of website. Place your order and make payment before cut off time (forward proof of payment to support-center@), your parcel will be despatched immediately after our cut off time with same day posts (Except Saturday, Sunday and Bank holiday) via Royal Mail’s Guranteed Next Day delivery service.

Do you accept Paypal payment?

(FAQ 2)
In general the answer is no. However, depending on your previous orders and payments history, some times we may accept Paypapal payment upon request.

Important Paypal payment instruction
While making Paypal payment, it is very important that you follow exact instructions those have been given to you. Never mention any product name like Kamagra OR website address like KamagraDeal, Kamagra UK etc. Usually you should mentions ONLY the order number.

Do you have Kamagra now in stock?

(FAQ 3)
Short answer, “YES”. Any product including Kamagra 100 mg on our website available for purchase is in stock. We do not sell Kamagra neither any other product unless they are in stock. If a product is not in stock, you will see in red text “Out of stock” and you will not be able to place order for that product.

Do you supply direct Kamagra in the UK?

(FAQ 4)
Yes, we are base in the UK and all parcels are despatched direct from UK. Unlike other websites, we do not provide with misleading information and all our services are transparent.

Do you provide with tracking number? / Do you send traceable parcels?

(FAQ 5)
Yes, each and every parcel is traceable. You can track your order status (Pending, Packaging, Packed, Shipped) on our website untill the parcel has been despatched/ left warehouse. We will send you updates via email and also via SMS for the order status change mentione previously.

Once the parcel has been posted, you will receive your final Order Status update (Shipped) email from us, this email will contain your Royal Mail’s tracking link. Once you have received the tracking link, it is your resposibility to track the parcel, contact Royal Mail if needed and provide with delivery facilities (stay available at delivery address) OR collect it from your local PO/collection point.

The parcel is discreet thus it contains no return address. If the parcel gets returned (nowhere) we do not receive the products back, and NO we will not send a replacement parcel because customer has failled to receive or collect the parcel.

Do you provide with replacement parcels for lost parcels?

(FAQ 6)
Any lost/ damaged parcel caused by our or Royal Mail’s mistake will be replaced by a compensation/ replacement package. If the parcel could not be delivered because customer failed to receive or collect it, or provided delivery address was incorrect/incomplete, will not be replaced in any condition.

My account has been blocked, why and how can I unblock my account?

(FAQ 7)
Basically we require you to explain us, exactly under what circumstences your account was blocked, so that we can further investigate it and consider opening your account for use again.

The main reasons why your account has been blocked are 1. *TRASH* orders in account 2. Breaking/ disregarding our Terms, Conditions and instructions. 3. Incorrect information in account.

Intentionally providing with false account details is a serious violation. While contactiong us, be advised to be open minded, take time to explain your circumstences honestly.

If your account is blocked because of creating trash orders, unblocking your account is very simple.

2 steps to unblock account, that was blocked because of *trash* order(s)

1. Make payment for your last order 2. Send account unblocking request with attachment of your proof of payment via our support center.

I have just made my payment, what next?

(FAQ 8)
The 1st advise is, please READ and FOLLOW instructions in your order confirmation email and thus avoid any mistake. In your order confirmation email the 1st instructio in red text is:

Please note that, there is no meaning of sending us email or SMS to tell us that you have made payment.

Your every email and SMS creates a support Alarm+ticket in our Support system, hence e kind to avoid any unnecessary SMS like “paid” or “I have paid…” those have no value. You will be updated once payment is deposited. To help us maintain a quality support for you and other customers, please avoid any email or SMS like: Paid, payment done, thank you etc. For any inquiry, gather and type as much information as possible, before sending it to us. Also read already sent instructions.

When payment has been received, we will update you via SMS and email with order status “Packaging“. Card payments are updated immediately. For UK bank transfer, most payments are deposited immediately or within 2 hours. SEPA EURO bank transfer takes 1-2 banking days. If your order’s status does not change after waiting maximum deposit time, please contact our support with your proof of payment.

Do you send discreet parcels?

All parcels are discreet. Parcels we send do not contain information about products/contents neither have a sender/returning address.

NOTE: As there is no sender address, if parcel is returned because of your failure of reception or incorrect address, we do not receive your parcel/products back. As a result in case of previous conditions, we do not carry responsibility and send replacement parcel for such undelivered parcels.

How fast delivery is? How many days does Kamagra delivery take in the UK?

First of all, please follow our cut off and despatch time visible on top of our website.


We provide with 1st Class signed for Royal mail delivery and also Royal Mail Special Next Day Delivery.

1st Class signed for takes 1-3 working days.

We will send a tracking link for despatched order to you via email. You can track your parcel on our website just by entering your order number or you can find the tracking link in your order’s history.

EU & International

For EU and other international parcel typically it takes about 1-5 weeks however, please be advised to contact your postal service and Customs before you contact us.

Where is my parcel? Have you despatched my parcel?

It is you who is resposible to FOLLOW enormous updates we regularly send via email and also via SMS. You can always track parcel status online, please BE ACTIVE.

It is very important that you read, understand and follow the information and instructions we already have sent to you via SMS and email.

If you have read, understood and followed our instructions, usually you will not need further support from us.

We do always despatch parcels exactly according to our cut off/despatch time visible on top of website. You always can track parcel using order number via our simple tracking option on website. The only reason why you should be creating a support ticket is that you have waited 7 working days in the UK and upto 5 weeks outside the UK but still have not received your parcel.

Here are the order status updates we send via SMS-

Waiting Payment – Your order has been captured on our order system and we are waiting payment or proof of payment from you
Packaging – Once we receive your payment or proof of payment
Despatched – Your parcel has been handed over tot postal service and you can track & follow your parcel

Here are the order status updates we send via email-

Waiting Payment
Parcel Packed – Your parcel has been packed and will be despatched according to our next despatch time. You usually will receive the tracking link and next update Shipped next day, even though your parcel has already been despatched, so please be patient and be waited, thank you!
Shipped – Your parcel has been handed over to Royal Mail and its on its way. Check this email carefully to find your direct tracking link to Royal Mail Before claiming us that you have not received a regular update email from us, be kind to double/triple check your:
* Email Inbox
* Spam folder
* Trash folder

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